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* Do you know what the DDoS attacks are?

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Distributed denial-of-service attack, or for short, a DDoS attack, is a cyber-attack that targets devices, several connected computers, or an entire DNS network. The intention is to flood the victim with massive amounts of traffic coming from a large number of sources.

DDoS attacks have become very popular in recent years. That is why it is essential to know what are the signs when a DDoS attack is initiated.
Each type of DDoS attack has specific characteristics, but overall, what you can expect during an attack is:

  • Unusual traffic, coming from one IP address or multiple but very alike IP addresses (same range of addresses).
  • Traffic only to a particular page and neither additional exploration of the rest of your website.
  • Strange traffic spikes like a huge spike in the nighttime for an undefined reason or repeatable traffic, with a specific interval.
  • Traffic is appearing from devices with similar characteristics, such as the type of the devices, OS, etc.

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